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Why Bag on Valve Technology is ideal for Pharmaceutical Industry

Bag on valve

Bag-on-Valve (BOV) is a modern packaging superior splash dispensing framework that improves products in a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or food. Contrasted with customary aerosol spray technology and other alternative packaging, Bag-on-Valve has a few advantages for manufacturers, consumers, and the environment.

100% clean and protected
With the hard and fast division of product and propellant, a bag with prevalent barrier properties, and complete oxygen protection Bag-on-Valve is the ideal solution for pharmaceutical and health products. Together with cleanroom generation and gamma light sterility can be ensured even when they can have been opened.

Contact-free dispensing
A Bag-on-Valve vaporized produces a smooth and even layer of shower mortar, hindrance cream or anything that product is wanted with no requirement for extra hand spreading. In this manner, bringing about benefits in cleanliness and patient integrity.

Controlled splashing pattern at all points
With its fine mist and controlled showering power, Bag-on-Valve is reasonable for direct administering even in such sensitive areas as eyes or ears even in youngsters. What’s more, since a Bag-on-Valve vaporized capacities similarly great at all edges, it is easy to use even in crisis circumstances.

Full showering impact until purged
In products such as occupational safety eyewashes, the compelling flushing time must be as long as possible. This can be accomplished by the Signature Filling Company that exceptionally has fine splash actuators and a controlled discharge stream rate. Thanks to the separation of product and propellant Bag-on-Valve offers a progressively steady weight until the last drop.

Safety Guarantee
The most normally utilized gas in customary vaporized splash bundling is propane, which is exceptionally simple to hazardous in high temperatures or high-pressure environments. Therefore, the conventional airborne shower pressing cannot be taken on the plane. The gas clinched on the valve bundle is normally nitrogen or compacted air, these sorts of gases are sheltered.

More Environmentally Friendly
The gas and material of the bag on the valve package are isolated. The material is filled into a vacuum sack; however, the compressed air is filled between the bag and the cans. The packed air presses the bag to splash the material, in this way maintaining a strategic distance from contamination caused by direct contact. The entire filling process is done in the aseptic workshop, and the whole process ensures aseptic activity.

No Limited Substances
The gas and the material in the customary vaporized spray innovation must be blended, so the choice of the substances is limited. The gas and substances taken from the bag on valve bundling innovation are isolated, there would be no restriction for the utilized material.

So, to summarize, bag on valve bundling innovation is altering numerous parts of the bundling procedure for various businesses. As talked about above, this new approach has inference, not just for a splash on items like Hairspray, creams and beauty care products, yet additionally for other fabricated items too. Regardless of whether your business is a part of the food industry or some other industry in which items must be distributed from a canned compartment, it likely could be that you can profit by utilizing this innovation.


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