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Web Design and Development Resources for New Website in 2018

Web Design and Development

You have just completed your education and you are beginning a new company. You finished your degree years ago, but you’re tired of performing for someone else and want to get started your own company. Starting a business can be hard, and there are a lot of ways for you to save money, particularly when it comes to design and development tools.


It can be annoying to find icons that protect your bases and provide both a consistent look and feel, thankfully Fontello has almost everything you need. There are also lots of glyphs to choose from so that you can compile your own sets.

There are whole sets available for download, but Fontello is so easy to use that customising your own font is just the logical selection. It’s an open source job, but contributions are always welcome.

Foundation 3

Foundation 3 offers you a blueprint for your own projects so that you have a rapid prototyping tool. With the latest release, you can use it with SASS or CSS. It has a responsive design and they work hard to keep things up to date in an ever-changing world of technology.


There are a ton of code editors out there to choose from, but I know it can be difficult to tell the difference between any of them because they’re all so similar. Brackets offers a different possibility, though, it also happens to be free.

The entire point is that is removed those mundane repetitive tasks that are involved in the development process. Thinks like browser reloading, CSS editing and function searching. There’s also Edge Code, which you can sign up for through Adobe’s creative cloud, it was built on Brackets and has added features for typography.


Something else there are a lot of: project management tools. Keeping track of everything can be quite frustrating, but with Trello you have a tool that will clock time and assign teams and provides with a kind of aerial view of a project. I guess you can describe it as a dashboard where you can see everything at a glance. All on one screen you can what has already been completed, what is left to start, what is in progress- organization.

TypeCast Beta

Typography is now an important part of the job of a web designer, and there are now thousands upon thousands of fonts to choose from. That doesn’t make life any easier, that’s for sure. TypeCast brings all of the fonts from multiple websites together, but it also allows you to create your own. It might not save you time, but it will save you money because you can tweak till your heart’s content before you make a final decision.


You may be familiar with Emmet; it was previously known as Zen Coding. Emmet provides a CSS like shorthand for your personally coded pages. Essentially it provides you with a tool to cut the most repetitive coding tasks. You type the shorthand and it fills in the rest. I suppose you could compare it to the predictive text on your mobile phone, except far more accurate.

The best part of all of these? Every single one of them is free to use. You’re welcome.


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