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Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps for Android 2019

Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps for Android 2019

Online privacy is something that people expect now. They are quickly growing savvy to the idea that they generate data every time they browse the internet. Even a simple search for the xfinity customer service number generates data that corporations collect.

Desktop browsers introduced privacy options some time ago when the issue of data privacy started gaining traction. After all, not everybody is comfortable with the idea of being tracked or profiled. Mobile browsers soon decided to introduce privacy options as well. But not just the “incognito mode” browsing options. Instead, many apps, especially on Android, grant you complete anonymity when you open your browser.

Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps

Of course, there are some well-known browsers like Chrome or Firefox that offer privacy to their users. But some users want to go a step beyond and embrace complete privacy. How does one do that? This blog will tell you how if you use an Android device. Here are our picks for top 10 anonymous browsing apps for 2019:

  1. Hideman VPN
  2. Firefox Focus
  3. CM Browser
  4. Javelin Incognito Browser
  5. Dolphin Zero Browser
  6. InBrowser
  7. Frost Incognito Browser
  8. Orfox
  9. Hide.me
  10. Ghostery

Here’s a brief look at what makes these apps special enough to be on this list.

Hideman VPN

This VPN app is one of the simplest solutions for anonymous browsing. It protects your data against privacy leaks when browsing the internet. All you need to do is download Hideman VPN and run it before you start browsing. The app masks your IP and encrypts your browsing with 256-bit encryption. That’s almost military grade! Hideman is great for bypassing government censorships and restrictions.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus focuses (pun intended) on privacy a lot more than the standard Firefox app. It lets you monitor trackers and you have the option to block them while browsing. It is also easy on how much data you consume during your sessions. A single tap on the erase button removes all your browsing logs. All in all, not a bad browser when you want private browsing.

CM Browser

CM browser is a very light, open source app that is popular with people who value anonymity. The browser takes up only 5MB of space on your device. The browser scans downloads for malware and protects your phone from suspicious files. It allows you to turn off tracking during your browsing sessions. It comes with a private browsing mode that allows you to surf anonymously with no snoopers.

Javelin Incognito Browser

Javelin is one of the best browsers when it comes to browsing with privacy. It has incognito mode on by default. This means you won’t have to switch it on every time you open the browser. The browser also has ad blocking capabilities, ensuring an ad-free browsing experience. The browser automatically erases browsing history and cookies and also lets you access government restricted content.

Dolphin Zero Browser

Dolphin Zero is a smart, simple browser with a minimalist design. It offers an outstanding private browsing experience to its users. The browser has tracking disabled by default. It also comes with ad blockers so you don’t have any annoying popups during your session.


Integrated with Last Pass, In Browser offers an excellent anonymous browsing experience. It lets you switch between and close tabs easily. It also erases all data on your browsing activities. The browser comes with Tor so you can access the so-called deep web with anonymity. In Browser also features ad blocking and even has an in-app video player.

Frost Incognito Browser

Frost is one of the most unique apps on this list. Its entire UI is based on material design. The browser features a secure vault for you to store files, bookmarks, images, and videos. The browser also automatically deletes browsing history after you end the session.


If you are looking for a good Tor browser, look no further than Orfox for Android. The browser has one of the toughest security protocols on Android. It protects your browsing data from snoopers and masks your physical location. This makes tracking you much harder.


This VPN application is perfect for an encrypted browsing experience. It offers complete anonymity when activated during a browsing session. It prevents your data provider or ISP from tracking your browsing. Best of all, it lets you choose between different VPN servers for the best connection.


Ghostery is right up there with the best when it comes to secure, private browsing. It monitors the trackers on a specific website and lets you select which ones to allow or block. You can also put websites on a whitelist. This means you can access them without the browser blocking their trackers. Ghostery is based on Android WebView and is one of the best anonymity apps this year.

All your internet activities generate data. Websites, search engines and ISPs all collect this data. Sometimes the purpose is to offer a better browsing experience. For instance, if you googled Comcast Customer Service Billing, you could see ads from Cox during different browsing sessions. But many entities also use this data to create digital profiles based on your browsing habits. This can be disturbing for a lot of people who don’t want to share data freely. The apps mentioned above can help solve this problem and offer a private browsing experience.


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