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The Importance of Online Reputation Management for Businesses

The Importance of Online Reputation Management for Businesses

Good business reputation is one goal that can easily influence the other business goals, including branding, customer loyalty, sale, revenue and more. The goal becomes even more important to accomplish in the context of online businesses as bad or negative repute can simply drive your prospects and customers to your ‘conveniently-accessible’ competition.

Sadly, most of the businesses remain ignorant towards the key aspects of their online reputation:

  • What people and online platforms are talking about your business?
  • What do the popular search engines, like Google, a show about your business on search result pages?
  • Where did that ‘other information’ about your business surfaced from without your contribution? And, how to control it
  • How to utilize an online reputation to influence the ultimate business goals?

In short, you have an urgent need to manage (monitor, control and exploit) your business’s online reputation. That’s where you need to be familiar with online or digital reputation management. But, before we delve deeper to know some awesome benefits of this buzzword, here are some related and interesting statistics from Forbes:

  • Businesses with four negative reviews appearing on the first page of Google search results admit to losing 70% of prospects.
  • 74% of online users admit to trusting a local business based on the positive reviews about it.
  • More than 90% of people above 18 use search engines to find about businesses, products and more information.

What does it mean? Your prospects are searching for things that can directly benefit your business. Online reputation management (ORM) is one way to ensure that they see your business in the positive light and are motivated to reach it. Let’s find out more about how ORM benefits in ways more than you expect:

ORM Takes Care of Negative Opinions

A dissatisfied or annoyed customer would take no time posting a negative review about your business, its products or services. Online users that would come across the review are more likely to develop similar notions about your company. To prevent this from happening, you need to scan the web for such negative reviews and take the correct measures to fix the situation. You may, for example, apologize for the inconvenience to the customer in question and offer a solution.

Digital Reputation Management Leads to Increased Customer Engagement

ORM helps you reach the discussions about your business in specific or the niche it belongs to. Here, you can get involved in the discussion by sharing your knowledge, responding to the top comments and offering solutions, advice and suggestions. Customer engagement is one of the main parameters of business success and it is what you would be practicing through this approach.

ORM Helps to Prevent Bad Listings

What online reputation management companies do is check where your website is listed. For example, there are directories related to your business niches where listing your business can bring traffic to your website. However, there are chances that your business might be listed in some irrelevant directories where it shares common space with objectionable websites. With an effective ORM strategy at the place, you can claim back your listing before the damage is done.

ORM Adds Value to Brand Management

Brand building and management is the process to make your brand stand out in the crowd. As you begin to share your knowledge with users on social media and other popular platforms, you ensure name and exposure for your business. Professionally handling the negative reviews and annoyed customers too would create positive vibes for your brand. It would ultimately reflect the values that your company practice and make it easy for people to remember your brand’s efforts towards customer care.

Google Ranking Improves with ORM

Google boasts of its commitment to provide its users with the best of information coming from the authentic websites. When the search engine’s spiders come across positive reviews and high ratings for your business, they would index your business more often in the search results. In other words, ORM helps to boost your website reputation and grant it better visibility on the search engine result pages.

ORM Lends Your Business Credibility

Online users would begin to trust your business or website more when they find positive reviews about it not just in search engine results but across various platforms. Your customers would share your brand’s name with others as well after seeing these positive reviews and high search engine rankings.

ORM Aids Better Hiring

Not just customers, but the potential employees too search online about companies they are seeking jobs with. With positive reviews and a good reputation, you can easily attract the top talent to work in your company. Through ORM, you make sure that none of your past employees, who might have departed from your company on a bad note, spreads rumors and bad publicity about it.

ORM Helps to Improve

ORM is an excellent way to gain insights about your business. For example, if there is a loophole in your customer service, a negative review from a customer would help you know the same. In other words, you can identify your business’s weaknesses and shortcomings from such feedbacks and use them to make improvements.

ORM Ensures Better Returns in Every Sense

With ORM, you build trust and encourage people to choose your business. It definitely boosts sales and revenues. Better search engine visibility and good social media reputation direct increased traffic to your website which in turn enhances lead generation. One time customers may turn into loyal patrons and also refer your business to others. Going further, rather than fixing the damage caused by bad reputation, ORM helps you prevent it in the first place, thereby saving a lot of time, efforts and monetary losses as well. Moreover, it helps you stay ahead in the competition as well.

ORM is a continuous process and it must be streamlined with other business building efforts. Ask your SEO agency if they offer online reputation management services as well. An integrated SEO-ORM approach can do great wonders to your business.


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