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Technology Leap: How is it helping the Entrepreneurs of Today?

Technology Leap: How is it helping the Entrepreneurs of Today?

There was one point in time in the past when shopping meant just to visit the brick and mortar stores. Majority of the people had to walk to the store as they did not have any conveyance.

Slowly things changed and transportation improved and with that came better connectivity. But, what is the scenario today? How are businesses functioning today when compared to the earlier times? Who is responsible for such a transformation?

The Era of Computers…the foundation for current scenario

The current scenario is definitely attributed to the intelligence of man. He has shown his supremacy and come up with the computers that have become the medium for him to accomplish a wide range of tasks in the modern day world. This indeed has been registered as the biggest technological leap till then. Then came the internet which helped people who were at extremely far off distances to connect and stay in touch and also chat. In addition, there was a lot of development in the web design and development fronts which saw the emergence of numerous software companies that ruled the roost and are continuing to do so.

The era of laptops…the cornerstone for technological success

But with the advent of laptops, the luxury for man to accomplish a series of jobs has touched its zenith. People have now started to work from the comfort of their place. Technology too has evolved and has paved the way for online stores making a foray into the online platform. The www which is an acronym for World Wide Web has become the identity for numerous businesses. Going to the physical stores reduced significantly as people could buy products and services just with the click of their mouse.

Business owners realized the potential that the internet market had in store and have worked in the direction of having their online representations on the World Wide Web. All those people who were connected to the internet could now start to shop from the comfort of their place, without having to go out at all. This gave rise to secure payment gateways providing their services. There was also free shipping service which only added to the number of online shoppers.

Therefore, at every step you see that transformation has set in a positive note for the business enterprise owners who have slowly moved from physical existence to online existence.

Technology has come so so forward that communication came into the hands of the people in the form of handheld devices. Popular as the cellular phone or the mobile phone, this device has become the sole instrument that facilitated accomplishment of a diverse range of activities. With internet attached to these mobile phones, they started to be called as the Smartphones which helped the users perform many tasks.

The Era of Smartphones…Technology’s Favorite Invention So Far

We do not know what is in store for us in the future in terms of technological inventions but till date the smartphones remain the best gift that man could ever have. This is definitely considered as a boon for the business entrepreneurs as they are able to spread their wings far and wide through this medium too.

How has the technological leap helped the business entrepreneurs?

Online shopping in earlier times could be accomplished only through desktops and laptops. But with the advent of smartphones, as they are internet enabled, many users have stopped using their laptops and are finding way to the websites with the help of their smartphones. So, business owners too have started to have a presence on the mobile phones through websites that are compatible for these small screens.

When they get the websites compatible with the right kind of resolution to the mobile screens, they are only ensuring that they do not lose out on this segment of the market too. Research and studies have proved that most business is generated by the mobile users. Therefore, business entrepreneurs are definitely leveraging all the benefits that the desktops, laptops and smartphones are showering in for them. Making a high and better ROI, year on year of course is the prime target of any enterprise owner. There is something else in store for people that outbeat the rest of the channels.

Mobile Applications…Technology’s Wonder

We have understood that the smartphones have become the prime channel through which businesses are able to reach their customers as well as potential customers. Business owners have realized that they can get closer to their customers through a presence in the application world. Yes, this is ultimate of the technological wonders wherein the potential customers can download the favorite service website or product website to their device and continue to browse or shop through the same.

Business entrepreneurs therefore are extremely happy to extend their services and products to the online platform as this has proved to be the most lucrative medium through which they can generate more revenue…desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, applications…and who knows what could be in store for us  !!!


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