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How to Start Blog for Mobile Audience and Sustaining People’s Interest

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There were days when people did not understand what the word ‘blogging’ meant. But now, even a child is aware of what a blog is in particular. Blogs started off as someone had a passion for writing and wanted to share relevant information about a specific niche he or she was passionate about. Slowly, the search engines have started giving great rankings to these blogs where new content is being posted on a regular basis.

Internet marketers and many online business enterprise owners have realized the same and have used the blogging platform to blog about their business. What did that do?

Create Attention

How does a blog help build one’s business? As mentioned earlier, the blog owner will ensure that there is fresh content posted every day. And when the blog is related to a particular business, useful information related to the business can be posted daily. This helps the blog reach top rungs of the ladder in the search engine results. This means more traffic. Blogs help in stirring up the right kind of buzz about a business.

Reaching targeted traffic

Having a blog will not just suffice. It has to reach the targeted audience and once this is achieved, you can expect a clear surge in the traffic to your website. A blog definitely helps in creating a brand for a business. It facilitates more sign-ups, sales and customers too. In case you are looking out for building a reputation for your business, you must have a blog for the same. This is nothing but paving way for the success of your business.

Consistent Campaign

Blogging, as mentioned earlier is a form of consistent campaigning which will generate similar or even better results when compared to the advertising campaigns that are taken up by the business owner. In this campaign, you need to have a blog that is professional in all manners and you need to ensure that it runs and opens on every platform. This is the major challenge we are facing now.


As far as blogs are concerned, they can be accessed on the internet. But when more and more people are accessing their internet through their mobiles and smartphones, the blogs should be made compatible to those platforms too. When your blog is not compatible to these devices, you are clearly missing out on a huge market segment that depends basically on their handheld devices to engage in shopping.

Does your blog cater to its mobile audience?

As mentioned earlier, this is the age of smartphones and hence each and every website owner and blog owner should cross check if he is catering to its mobile audience. There is a whole lot of traffic to websites that is coming through the mobile phones. This just translates into the fact that one has to foster incredible user experience. So, when you ensure that your blog is a mobile responsive one, there is absolutely no risk of losing out on that specific segment of the market. The ultimate aim has to be to ensure that there are no glitches absolutely when your audience is visiting your website through his mobile device.

This opens doors to newer advertising strategies to be incorporated so as to reach the specific audience. All your marketing efforts should also be concentrated towards meeting the goals of the smartphone users. When you look into the data of Google Analytics for your website or blog, you will observe that there is a sizeable portion of the traffic that comes as smartphone users. When you further delve deep into the statistics, you will be able to get the source from which the traffic is originating. It is therefore essential to ensure that the sources are fully optimized for the users to get good results.

Optimization at Every Stage

The mobile blog or website has to be optimized for the landing pages, PPC advertising and email marketing too. It is quite possible to display the desktop advertisements on the smartphones. However, Google Adwords allows only for a specific target group of the mobile users. So, your ad copy has to be fit precisely into the smaller screen and should be able to generate good click-through-rates. The emails that are sent as a part of the marketing campaign are also opened by the potential customers on mobile devices. So, you need to ensure that the email looks complete when it opens on a smartphone. Of course, there are mobile versions too of the emails which will ensure that the content reaches the target audience correctly, but you still need to ensure the same.

One thing has to be borne in mind; any marketplace for that matter is highly dynamic. What holds good today may not hold good tomorrow. This is especially applicable for the World Wide Web and also how customers and potential customers would access the information. So, beat the competition by having a blog that completely caters to your mobile audience and sustains their interest.


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