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Noob To Pro Journey- Easy Hacks For Every Ardent Gamer

If you’ve ever been into a multiplayer verse, then you must already know that there are three types of players- noobs, pros, and the middlemen. Usually, most of the players are stuck in the middle grounds where they are better than noobs but certainly are not recognized as pros.

Reciprocating the feeling? Welcome to the club! You’ve just jinxed with million others like you. And believe me, there’s no shame in it. Being a middleman actually gives you more chances of becoming better at your game. And luckily, this article is all about it.

Here you’ll find some of the most useful hacks that will transcend you from being close to a noob to being a pro at your game!

Choose Your Equipment Carefully

The biggest mistake that most ardent players of all time make, is choosing the wrong equipment. Whether you’re into car racing or you’re playing a first-person shooting game, your choice of equipment will decide how far you reach. For example, even if you find the best pub g hack for your game, if you choose the wrong weapon you’ll not even make it to the half-time. Likewise, choosing accessories such as muzzles and scopes for your guns will also make a lot of difference.

So, whichever game you’re into, make sure you study what different equipment does and how they can help you improve your game. Usually, every game describes the equipment and explains what they do. So, read them before picking them up.

Familiarize Yourself With Game Lingo

Professional players not only excel at their game but also lead the lingo for the game. For instance, nobody calls himself a noob, but only pros who they feel know nothing. The point here is when you’re playing a game, and of course, when you’re serious about it, you should know the common lingo. It is only in your best interests as you’d be better equipped to understand what others say to you.

An added benefit to knowing the on-going lingo is you can listen to other players and make your moves accordingly. For example, when you hear a sniper spotted, you already know which direction you should be looking into. And of course, it is only possible, if you know when the system or your partner calls out and pointing in which direction.

Join A Squad With Diverse Capacities

One of the most important learning lessons that you can get is during your play. But, the lessons are not just there for you to grab. In fact, you’ll need someone to explain it to you, initially. And for this reason, it is best that you join a clan or a squad.

Being a member of a squad helps you pair up with other players that excel in the skills you lack. And of course, you can ask them to share their secrets with you and help you improve your game.

Plan Your Moves As You Go

When you’re in a game, you never know what’s coming towards you. Of course, we’re not talking about Mario or similar games. We are discussing online games that hold multiplayer matches simultaneously. And the most remarkable feature of these games is their unpredictability. You can never know when and what may attack you.

So, instead of planning your moves before you even enter a match, you should try to focus on the task at hand. And plan your moves as you progress. For example, when you’re landing in PubG, you should think about the location where you should land and not how you’ll take a headshot.

Do Not Forget To Assist Your Mates

Lastly, when you enter a match like a team, you must play it with the same intent. In other words, you should never back out on your teammates. Most of the multiplayer games let you choose your squad or clan to enter a battle royale match or a season. And when you choose a clan, it’s not only you who rely on them, but they also do on you.

So, if your teammates need you to share some ammo you should. Likewise, if they ask you to revive, you should. The point here is that they’ll only help you if you help them back. And more importantly, assisting your teammates actually helps improve your ranks in global charts.

With these simple tips, you can improve your game and last longer. And when you survive for longer in any battle, you actually get to practice more in the live field. Perhaps, only practice is what will eventually make a difference between a pro and a noob.


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