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Make the most out of your Mac with these useful Apps

When it comes to Apple products, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is its “efficiency and aesthetics.” Isn’t it? But, unlike Windows or Android, it does not provide a diverse range of applications for free. That’s why many Apple users find it a little limiting when it comes to in-built apps. That’s where adding different features in the form of apps becomes a necessity.

To put it another way.

Whether you are using Apple or Windows, the need for various software to efficiently get your work done is vital. Although Apple does not provide much of the in-built apps, the App Store has a wide range of downloadable apps that can quickly rectify this problem.

But, with Mac, many find it hard to find it hard on things like “where to start.” Since using systems is more of a necessity now, let us help you find the appropriate Mac apps that will make your life a little more comfortable.

Organize Your Workspace with Magnet

Mac does not include any in-built system like “AeroSnap in Windows.” So, if you want to resize, rearrange, or maximize your windows in just a drag & drop, you must take advantage of the application offered by Apple.

Magnet is such an arrangement that allows Mac users to avoid frequent app switching while working. This app supports full screen and quarters of the screen along with many other supported features. Hence, it improves the overall workspace efficiency.

Improve Your Productivity with Alfred

If you want to excel and project yourself as a multitasker, this app is the one that will help you achieve just that. Why? It’s because you can save countless hours by using particular hotkeys or keywords.

It’s like you can browse, preview, and take action in a single go. You can spare your fingers from constant on and off motion. Further, you can also customize your workflow and manage your tasks the way you like. You can also unlock more features by purchasing the Powerpack at around £23.

Overcome Boredom with a Media Playback

macOS offers a basic media playback, QuickTime. However, it is unable to open different formats of files available nowadays. So, if you want to escape those dull moments, having a media player with all the features becomes ever more crucial.

You can either look for an MPV or a VLC player that is capable of running both audio or video files. However, experts suggest using MPV since it’s upgraded regularly and highly capable of opening every file format.

Enjoy the Experience With an Additional Browser

Mac systems have a pre-installed browser, i.e. Safari. It is a powerful app with the advantage of rapid rendering speed. Apple has put a lot of work into building apps that resonate well with its users.

However, many websites don’t work well with this browsing software. In such cases, you need the help of other browsers. You can go for either Chrome or Firefox since they are both free. Further, they work well with other devices and operating systems.

Achieve Shorter Loading Time and Better Coverage With Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps

As we are living in the era of digitalization, having Wi-Fi enabled devices is becoming more of a norm. But many users feel frustrated when their devices take higher loading times even with stronger Wi-Fi devices installed.

By syncing your Wi-Fi with this application, you can achieve wider ranges, thereby allowing users to work with faster speeds. You will find various types of Wi-Fi analyzer apps more here as per your needs and wants. It’s because some target home users while others are best for IT experts or network professionals.

Clean up Your Messed Menu Bar with Vanilla

If you just bought a brand-new Mac, this won’t be an issue as there won’t be many icons hanging in your menu bar. However, that changes quickly when you start installing software as per your needs.

So, if you don’t want to waste time searching for your apps, installing Vanilla will an excellent addition to your useful apps. It will help you to hide apps that you don’t want to see. And reveal them only when you want it. You can use it for free, but if you wish to include added features, you have to pay $4.99 for the Pro version.

Contrary to that, you can use another app with similar features, i.e., Bartender. But it will cost you more for the Pro version once the four-week trial period is over.

Increase Your Storage with Google Drive or Dropbox

Not everyone is lucky to have an Apple system. So, sharing files with those who aren’t a part of the Apple ecosystem might get a little tricky. In such situations, you can go for Google Drive or Dropbox, which are amongst the best web-based storage applications in the market now.

With Google Drive, you have a storage space of around 15GB, and with Dropbox, you get cloud storage of about 2GB.

Save Your Mobile Data with TripMode

If you rely on mobile data often, this app will work wonders for you. With a small price of $7, you can easily restrict mobile data usage based on the use of different apps.

TripMode makes sure that none of the heavy downloads happens when you are on mobile data. That way, it helps to speed up the browsing speed significantly.

To Sum it Up

Buying an Apple product might be easy. But to align it to your everyday needs might be a little tricky. Precisely why, spending time on your Mac might get all murky if you don’t have the right tools to speed up your productivity and other needs.

While you can easily avoid a few apps easily, you can’t think of putting your best foot forward in the absence of others. So, it’s better to install all the utility apps that are the right fit for your needs.

But, remember, no list of software is complete with so many updates coming out regularly. Hence, it would help if you keep an eye on every launch that will make your system better.


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