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Simple Techniques to Make Money with Your Blog

Make Money with Your Blog

Are you wondering about how to make money through blogging? Well everyone wants that. After establishing a blog with full-fledged content everyone desires to earn some money with it. Some of you must be confused regarding the type of blog which can make money.

So let me clear you one thing that you can earn through any blog whether it is for business purpose or made just out of your hobby. In this article, we are delivering some simple techniques to monetize your blog. Have a look.

Create High Quality Content on Your Blog

Now that you are done with making your blog, it’s time to post some quality content articles that engage the interest of the readers. As you are well aware that there are millions of blogs on the same niche on which you’re writing, so it’s really essential to come up with some unique ideas and relevant content. To rank higher in search engine, your content should be

  • SEO optimized
  • Original and unique
  • Link your post with other ones
  • Add relevant images
  • Properly research and add catchy titles.

Promotion Through Social Media

The most prominent method for making your blog popular among people and engage huge traffic is to share your content on various social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram and many others are ruling the world and you can connect more with your users with the help of these networks. You can post your links directly on your blog of various social media profiles. It is necessary for SEO of your blog to stay tuned with your users and contact them as much as possible. Some useful tips for social media optimization are

  • Coordinate social accounts with your website
  • Add keywords to your posts
  • Stay active on social networks
  • Post necessary images on media

Selling Private Ads

If that you have drawn a massive traffic for your blog, then advertisers will come to you and place their ads on your website. You can charge any good rate for displaying ads. In addition, you can create sponsored posts in which you can promote advertiser’s product or service. Also for monetizing your blog, you can write about any topic and advertisers will pay you for providing a ‘brought to you by’ mention content. To likewise increase your income you can sell sponsorship paces in newsletters, videos etc.

Indulge Affiliate Marketing in Your Content

Affiliate marketing is also an effective technique for earning money through your blog. It is a business process in which you promote other’s goods and services and charge a commission for the same. Let us see how it works:

  • If you have a good traffic on your blog it is really the best option. All you are required to do is to publish a link of advertiser’s products and each time a sale is been made through your website you’ll be paid a commission for it.
  • The income generated from affiliate marketing is appreciated. You are not supposed to worry about creating products, provide customer support, or any other issue related to buying and selling of products. You can denote your item is engaging more traffic for generating more revenue later on.
  • It can result in future product creation. For instance, you have promoted products and it generated a 10X sales as compared to other products you have been displayed on your blog. As a result, you can develop your own new version of that product because you have evidence that your audience demands it.

Selling Digital Products on Your Blog

As you are promoting other’s products on your website and it is gathering a large audience then it’s right to start selling your own products in the form of

  • EBooks
  • Online workshops/courses
  • Images/videos/music
  • Apps/plugin/themes

You only need to keep in mind whatever you are going to choose, it should be useful for your readers. Always develop your products according to the user’s demands so that more revenue from it can be obtained.

Final Words

So these are the topmost methods useful for making money by blog. Try these methods and also utilize it as best of your intelligence. Money making is not easy from blogging but it can make you a lot of money in the long run if everything will be done carefully. So what are you waiting you? Start exploring and earn money.


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