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Invest in the Magic of Digital Printing

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In the current scenario, which is dominated by different types of print and digital media, you have to keep running in your place to be ahead in the race. Thankfully, digitally created prints can position your brand just the way you want. Digital printing refers to technology-backed methods of production where prints are designed and printed with the help of electronic files.

Read on to know more about digital print media and how computers are being used for creating benchmarked artwork.

Digital Printing – Boon for New Age Advertising

Digital prints comprise of art and design that is crafted on the computer. The prints are taken on the materials of choice directly. The artwork designed through digital means is used for branding and marketing purposes. They are also imprinted on products used by corporates for promotional reasons. For instance, Sydney Thompson of Sherwood Universal recommends that businesses promote themselves through branded items like cups, pens, or sticky notes. A helpful alternative to the conventional printing modes such as flexography, lithography, letterpress, and gravure, digital prints eliminate several mechanical steps that were common earlier on.

How Does Digital Printing Work?

In digital printing, images are directly sent to the printer via files that are in the TIFF, PSD, PDF, or other formats. This methodology is useful for printing those items that contain a lot of detail. Also apt for smaller quantity orders, digital printing does not incorporate pre-press stages coming in between digital document files and the final versions of the product. Unlike conventional printing methods, there’s no requirement of messy formatting equipment such as photo chemicals or film plates. In most cases, digital prints tend to be perfect if the necessary steps are performed accurately and in an orderly fashion.

Steps in Digital Printing

  • At the very onset, the artwork file is created with sharp and clear images. The resolution is high enough to support the various print size requirements.
  • Thereafter, the bleed and crop marks are included as and when needed. Crop marks refer to the lines present on the edges of the printing job. Once the bleed is trimmed away, the crop marks make sure that there are no unprinted edges in the ready-to-use trimmed document.
  • Imposition is the next stage of digital printing. It ensures the optimum use of digital printing paper for printing purposes. Along with cutting down on the wastage of paper, it makes the overall job effective and neat.
  • Before the electronic document file is forwarded to the printer, the image or text that requires printing has to be converted to a TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP or another supporting file format. Also known as bitmaps or raster image files, these files are dependent on the kind of software in use. PDF file formats are also used for digital printing purposes.

The Increasing Popularity of Digital Printing

Given the many benefits of digital printing, it’s no small wonder that it has become the buzzword in the fields of marketing and advertising. Digital printing offers more features, choices, flexibility, and benefits than flexographic, offset, or other types of digital printing. The expectations from digital prints are also quite high and they’re expected to be up to date and accurate. Digital printing companies invest in the best printers to produce high-quality, cost-effective, and the best prints in short-run colors for their clients.

The presence of a large number of digital printing processes can make it difficult for clients to freeze upon the best ones for their needs. This is where the years of expertise of digital printing companies come to the rescue with innovative techniques up their sleeve.  They guarantee consistency and high-quality in all digital marketing options provided by them. Experienced digital printers use the best colors that never fail to show up to perfection in the final prints. In most cases, they take care of all harsh lines and the smallest of printing issues. The quality presented by their cards, flyers, or brochures belonging to a batch is perfectly the same – the last in the batch is just like the first finished product.

Reach Out to a Digital Marketing Company

Digital printers with years of experience behind them can deliver effective and cost-friendly products for your branding needs. Digital printing serves to be the ideal solution for short to medium run printing needs. So, go ahead and seek customized solutions for your direct mail pieces, letters, marketing materials, business cards, etc. Invest in exceptional print services as well as smartly-designed document solutions that you can proudly circulate or forward to your contacts and clients. Start the process right away and get the best returns.


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