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How to Download Paid Android Apps for Free, other than torrent?

How to download paid android apps for free, other than torrent

Paid apps are simply wonderful and are of great help to us but the sad part is that all the paid apps are just available for free on the Google play store with certain prices which varies from one country to another. There are various games which we want to play but cannot able to download when it comes to purchasing that particular game application by paying some money.

Well, as we all are aware that the Android has been established as the largest operating system of the world, the apps that are available on the Android and can be downloaded for free can be run on the personal computers as well.

Whenever you operate play store, a lot of apps are visible that are available for free without spending any rupee or dollar but once, you scroll on the left-hand side, where you can get paid apps for free but the debit card or credit card is mandatory for the downloading purpose. There is no disadvantage of asking for money for downloading of apps as it is the hard work of the app developer which should be paid. But it is a human tendency to use resources for free, and so we are introducing to some tricks using which you can download a paid android app for free which are listed below:

#1 Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is one of the easiest methods to download paid apps for android other than using torrent. Blackmart works in a similar fashion as to that of the Google play store. All you have to do is follow some easy steps like firstly, BlackMartAlpha.apk file has to be downloaded and installed. Then you have to open the file and search for the paid app which you desire to download. Then, download that particular app and open your SD card and search for the folder namely Black mart > Downloads. After you get it, install that APK file. You work is done.

Blactmart Alpha

#2 4Shared

4Shared is one of the most prominent and reliable websites for downloading paid apps for free on the android system. They have recently launched an android application which contains an amazing user interface. This site offers data related to many games, music, movies, zip files, modified APK and premium versions of other applications. You can also do any uploading of any desired files on 4Shared.


#3 AppVN

AppVN is available in Japanese and Chinese but this can be figured out using the icon of the application. You can give it a try although it is challenging. It is because the various paid applications are available for free in its database. Therefore, it is very helpful for the online users as they can download multiple paid applications using AppVN. You can easily get the downloading link for AppVN on the internet.


#4 Aptoide

Aptoide application allows the users to upload the applications. Then these apps are available in app repositories which are created by Aptoide Uploaders. There are various applications that are available on Aptoide and you can also look for those applications that have been discontinued from play store of Google. Therefore, it is very easy to install Aptoide on the Android smartphones or Android systems.



#5 Mobogenie

Mobogenie is one another application by the virtue of which you can download paid apps for your android without spending any penny on it. But the only limitation for using this application is that it contains a lot of advertisements which can be very irritating. Therefore, if you really hate to see pop up advertisements on your screen, then you should avoid using this app. On the other hand, if you are okay with the advertisements, then surely you can give it a try. This application offers a responsive User Interface along with the weather widget.


We all sometimes become too excited to use a particular application or a game but it becomes problematic when you have to purchase that particular app or game. Therefore, the bottom line is that one can easily download the premium applications free of cost using the above-mentioned ways for their Android devices. We have thus, listed wonderful sources for you so as to download the paid applications without any cost.


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