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How to Download Free Paid Apps on Android


In today’s era, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. It has made our lives extremely easy. Now, one can undertake any task with the assistance of a Smartphone. In order to perform different tasks, we need diverse applications for the same. Google play store is the ideal place for finding all the available applications either free or paid you to need.

You can the free applications by paying nothing but there are some apps for which you have to pay some consideration as they are not free. These apps have their trial version but following its expiry time, you have to incur some cost in order to use it. Hold on! We have something for you. Here, we have some methods by which you can get these paid apps for free on your Android device.

So, have a look at these ways that will help you to get the paid applications for free of cost on your android gadget.


Blackmart Alpha is an excellent substitute for Google Play Store. Alike it, Blackmart has also listed with numerous applications that are available till now. With the help of this, you can download them on your Android smartphones, tablets etc for free. Using Blackmart alpha is too simple and convenient. Here, we are discussing a step-to-step guide as to how to utilize Blackmart alpha. Have a look:

1) The first step you need to do is to just simply download the app called Blackmart alpha from Blackmart Alpha.apk.

2) Then you need to install it and open it after installation gets completed.

3) Following the second step, now you can search for the paid app that you want to assess on the app.

4) You will get that app and now you just have to download that paid app.

5) After downloading the app, go to your SD card and locate the file in the folder Blackmart> Downloads.

6) After that install the Apk file.

7) This was all you had to do. Now, you can enjoy your paid app for free on your device.

Moreover, in case you want to get the updates of the latest working paid apps available for your Android; you can follow these steps to get the updates through Blackmart alpha:

1) Choose the ‘sort mode’ and fix it to rating

2) Select the ‘sort order’ and choose the descending alternative.

3) Choose the option ‘filter’ and select paid apps.

4) Click ‘done’

In this way, you can get only the top listed paid up apps on your device. This will save your lot of time and efforts.

Blackmart alpha was the first method of getting the paid apps for free. Here there is another method as well.


In case you find any difficulty in finding the app on Blackmart alpha, then this is the other way that can help you to get the paid apps for free for your device. Searching the APK files can prove to be useful for getting the paid apps for free.

1) For this, you need to download the app from any popular website such as as.Apk extension. There are some websites that offer download.Apk files for free. Some of them are 4shared.com, Mediafire.com, Apk4Fun.com.

2) You can open any of the sites among all and search by the exact name of the paid app that you want in the format of app-name.apk.

3) When you will do it, a link will appear in front of you. tap on the link and download the app from the site and install the same.

4) Then you have to transfer the same from your PC or laptop to your Smartphone or the device which you are using and can straight away download on your mobile.

Now, you can take the benefit of these paid apps by paying nothing i.e. for free of cost.


So, the possible methods of downloading the paid apps for free has discussed above. To use the applications is extremely easy but in case you find any difficulty in doing so, you can take help of the step guide discussed above for both the methods.


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