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Facebook Dating – See which friends have “Secret Crush” on you

Yes, you heard (read) it right…

Facebook Dating app will now help users to see which friends might be interested in you in romance(!). This app is still not available in the USA but it is already launched today in five countries and also more 14 countries have joined today in this service.

This feature called “Secret Crush”, allows you to express your romance interest in up to nine friends. If this person or friend is also using the same feature and likes you back, you will get a notification. You both will get notification If they pick you as one of their “secret crush”.

Check out this video for F8 Keynote:

This feature was announced in F8 2019 with all other announcements.

As company announced, you can add any of your friends on Facebook even if they don’t have dating profile. Of course, we all are curious to know who likes us, right?

As of now, this is live in these countries:


Columbia Mexico Thailand
Argentina Canada

Launched today in these countries:

Philippines Vietnam Singapore Malaysia
Laos Brazil Peru Chile
Bolivia Ecuador Paraguay Uruguay
Guyana Suriname


It will be launched in USA at end of this year.


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