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6 Steps-Guide for Blogging Beginners

6 Steps-Guide for Blogging Beginners

Well, do you want to start a blog? Are you confused about what and how to do blogging? You are landed on the right place if yes. Here, we are highlighting some guidelines about what exactly you need to do to be a successful blogger or how you can start your own personal blog. So have a look over here and we hope that this will definitely help you to some extent. Here we go:

#1 Select Blog Title

The first and foremost thing to do is to choose a name for your blog. The name should be simple and catchy and this will be the identity of your blog. It should be attractive so that it can able to persuade people to look at your content. People primarily judge the site by its name. So, before you choose your blog name, first you need to write about it. Then, you’ll surely able to give it an appropriate name. the blog name should be very catchy and it will able to tell people about the theme of your blog or what your blog is all about.

#2 Choose wisely Blogging Platform

The second and important thing to do for blogging is to choose the preferred blogging platform. According to the observation, the most popular and preferred platform for blogging purpose is WordPress. But there are other alternatives as well that you can choose such as Blogger or Tumblr. So selecting the blogging platform is a critical task as this will be the place of your interaction with your users.

#3 Paid or Free

This is one of the biggest decisions that you need to take for your personal blog. A paid blog is the one for which you have to pay for your own domain name that you can choose according to your own preference. The other alternative available for you is to go for a free blog. But it has many demerits of not buying the domain. You’ll not able to get your own domain name and has some restrictions and limits for your blog. So it’s always suggestible to go for your own domain name.

#4 Design Your Blog

The next and the very essential step is to design your blog on the platform that you have chosen as your host. Create and design your blog exactly how you want to present it. You can take help of the themes that are available or you can go for free WordPress themes. There are various premium sites as well that offers a theme for some consideration. Design of your blog represents you so it plays a very crucial role in your blogging purpose. It shows what you think and what your objectives are. Therefore, the design should be very attractive.

#5 Promote your Blog

After creating an amazing blog, now it’s time to promote your blog and to get a monetary benefit from it. There are various promotion tools that you can use to promote your blog.

  1. Social media marketing is the most beneficial and popular tool for promotion of your blog. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. for promoting your blog as this has become an indispensable part of everybody’s life now.
  2. Email marketing is also a very helpful promotion tool that you can make use of. You can make a list of your targeted audience that you specifically want to target and send weekly newsletters to them so that they can look at your content. This will lead to increase your blog readership and also you can maintain it by retaining your users.
  3. Search engine optimization is a way you can increase the traffic on your website automatically. SEO means to optimize your search results i.e. whenever people search for anything related to your blog then your blog will automatically pop up in front of them and they will be able to see it. By this, the audience on your website will increase to a great extent.

#6 Earn from Your Blog

If you will be able to promote your blog successfully, then there are great chances that you can earn monetary benefit from your blog. Monetizing the blog is not an easy job. Initially, you can’t expect to earn from your blog. Nobody can get money from their first post. You have to work hard to fulfill the minimum requirements so that you can monetize your blog. If you want a regular revenue from your blogging site, then you can take help of affiliate marketing, CPC OR PPC advertising. After a specific period of time, you’ll be able to earn regularly from your blogging site.

To finish up

so, these are some step-to-step guide for the beginners who want to start a blog. As competition in this field is increasing, uniqueness is the key to success for blogging.


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