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Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

In this contemporary world where technology rules people’s minds, everyone wants the privilege to earn money using online resources. Isn’t it fascinating that you can make a huge amount of money without creating a website, or a hefty blog or any sort of products by yourself? So, here we are, discussing how to start your earning using Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a procedure for making money (commission) by just promoting other people’s or company’s products. Hence it seems to be an exclusively surprising option as compared to that of conventional ways of earning money.

Let’s see how to start with an Affiliate marketing business using a step by step guide.

#1 Selecting the appropriate Affiliate Network

One of the most prior and the important step to enter in the field of affiliate marketing is choosing the right affiliate network. There are numerous affiliate networks existing in the world, the most prominent ones being Google, Amazon, and Apple. The earliest and the well- known affiliate network is the ClickBank. ClickBank is the million dollar department, deals, particularly with e-books and software.

The best preferable target network for a newcomer should be the entrepreneurs with amazing products but before jumping to this, you should have done a considerable amount of market research. Also, the well- established networks such as Amazon can also be a good alternative as it deals with almost every type of product, so you can choose this as your affiliate network.

#2 Looking for the specific affiliate product

For doing this, you need to be very clear in your area of interest (niche). Choose a product which has a good number of product vendors and before doing that, do a lot of research work so that you come up with the best thing. Also, make sure that you work on a limited number of products at one time initially so that you can establish trust in the public and you become the best seller of that particular commodity.

Once you are clear about your choices, you can move on to the next step i.e. keeping a track on your marketing statistics. You should be aware of the interest of the customers such as whether a product is in demand or there is no benefit generation from a particular product and so on. Also, this needs to be taken care specifically if one is paying for advertising and increasing the traffic on to your site for promotion of the products. Make sure that you don’t lose money!!

#3 Try to buy the product before promoting

To establish credibility and trust amongst your clients, you should actually buy and use the particular product. Although it is not necessary to buy each and every product which you are affiliating still it is recommended to try before you affiliate. There are certain measures that you should consider so as to elevate the credibility levels and developing a sense of trust amongst your customers which are listed below:

  • Writing product reviews for the products that can be conveniently affordable such as e-books and commodities for daily requirements. As soon as you earn a profit, you can easily buy expensive products also in order to connect well with the audience.
  • Publically displaying your personal experience after using a product or a particular case study can also be one of the most accomplished ways to sell your product.
  • You need to work on your online marketing strategies to get the favorable outcome. You can prepare a list of email subscribers visiting your site and by maintaining certain standards in the market, you can also avail the opportunity to get free products from the merchants.

#4 Social media marketing is the key

Social media acts as a ladder to aid you reaching heights and getting publicity across the globe. Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc. are some of the remarkable sites to reach the public as these act as a “great vehicles” for spreading information and broadcasting it all around the world. Video Marketing has risen up as a novel approach to enhance your marketing strategies. Making live videos on Facebook, demonstrating your experience, commentary, and snapshots of your responses and feedbacks (including the benefits and drawbacks of using that product and presenting the product features etc) regarding an affiliate product are very valuable means to enhance traffic on your affiliate product site.

Also, one can always go for paid advertising on social media to target the clients and increasing traffic on their sites.

#5 Provide Redirect/”Pretty” links

To showcase yourself as a professional expert, you need to provide the audience with short and nice links regarding your affiliate product. It is always easy for the audience to type the shorter link in their browser in case they couldn’t click on the link due to some reason.


Therefore, these were some of the major steps which you can follow in order to initiate your own affiliate marketing business. To prosper, you can make additional changes and experiment on the target population.


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