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Benefits of Developing a B2C Mobile App for Your Enterprise

Benefits of Developing a B2C Mobile App For Your Enterprise

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) mobile applications have been designed specifically in order to enable businesses to keep in touch with customers and serve them better. Mobile landscape, of late, has met with considerable changes. Every conceivable idea is being transformed into reality, thanks to advancement in mobile technology and custom mobile app development.

With the ability to get processes and activities performed with unprecedented precision using mobility solutions, an unlimited range of transactions—from online shopping through consulting a physician—has become possible. All it requires is a few taps of buttons on the mobile device of your choice. Here’s where creating B2C Mobile Apps immensely helps global business organizations in efficiently connecting with customers at different levels. Hence it’s vital to hire a top mobile app development company who not only can design and develop your business app but also market your app and increase app downloads for you

B2C mobile app development, when performed by an efficient and skilled mobile app development company, is the best modern tool for attracting and acquiring customers. It paves the way to increase site visibility and generate more leads. All these result in not only improved sales and revenues but also lasting relationships.

What are the Key Benefits Offered by B2C mobile app development to Modern Enterprises?

B2C Mobile Apps offer myriad opportunities for enterprises to engage with consumers and acquire prospective customers. By bridging the gap between enterprises and customers, these mobile apps enable users to stay connected to enterprises, contact customer services, send mail or text messages, and get their transactions completed securely.

“Seventy-five billion apps were downloaded on Apple and Android devices in 2015, and the number of mobile app buyers in the United States is predicted to reach 85 million by 2019.”

The following are the key benefits that make B2C App development services to be in great demand in the contemporary business setting:

1. Enhanced visibility

Exponential use of Smartphones and giant leaps in mobile technology has ensured that mobile apps and business mobile app development have become highly demanded among individual users as well as enterprises. Enterprises are empowered to increase their visibility among their users, thanks to increased use of mobile devices and the ability to develop mobile apps for any given process or business.

Unlike search engines that direct visitors to your business only when they make a search for their specific needs, a mobile app’s icon stays on the users’ devices and keeps reminding them about your business and products. The first thing users do will be opening the app before trying any other alternative. B2C apps increase the visibility of a business considerably.

2. Increased user engagement

Mobile applications are an excellent way to turbocharge user engagement. B2C App development services ensure your app is rich with features that facilitate sending alerts and push notifications to consumers. This helps advertising new products and making announcements. Top app developers will be able to incorporate features for increasing the time that users spend engaged with your brand, through valuable content such as video or articles.

Another brilliant way of increasing customer engagement is by offering incentives and rewards. Privileges and perks offered will help increase engagement instantly. Interacting with loyalty programs is much preferred by Smartphone users across the world today. Mobile devices allow consumers to manage as well as redeem loyalty points, thanks to B2C mobile apps. This further improves user engagement.

3. Client relationships can be better maintained

Mobile apps prove very helpful to global businesses in effectively maintaining lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with customers. It is possible to keep customers well-informed about the latest launches, provide special targeted discounts, and issue vouchers and free coupons to regular customers.

Notifying users about any events and new products or services and collecting their feedback instantly is made possible through the B2C app that connects the business with consumers on a regular basis. As they offer a win-win situation for customers as well as the enterprises, a long lasting relation is assured. Moreover, loyal customers act as the brand ambassadors of your products and services by taking your business viral across the social media networks.

4. Round-the-clock Customer Support and Service

Mobile phone applications enable entrepreneurs to provide regular support and resolve their issues and queries at anytime, regardless of the users’ geographical location. Enterprise mobile applications in B2C segment offer enormous assistance to consumers by keeping in touch with them at any given time.

Being available to customers all the time and engaging with them on a continuous basis greatly improves the interaction. It in fact revolutionizes the way clients and enterprises interact by providing unmatched flexibility in communication. This also helps reduce the workload of an organization’s phone and email representatives.

5. Apps help boost sales

Being faster than mobile Internet browsers and relieving the users from having to use a mobile browser for accessing the service are the factors that distinguish mobile apps. With B2C apps, users can access information and perform their transactions right away. This translates into increased sales.

It has been proven by studies that a major portion of mobile users prefer mobile apps over mobile websites. Furthermore, nearly a half of the sales generated by global companies are from apps. These factors clearly indicate that mobile apps have a considerable benefit associated with sales.

6. Sustaining amid competition

With increasing competition in almost any business, entrepreneurs are forced to seek unique and cost-effective ways to increase revenues and keep ahead of peers. B2C mobile apps facilitate enterprises to attract more customers and stay abreast of competition.

What are the Additional Advantages of Having B2C Mobile Applications?

  • Customers can speed up their buying decision, thus sales get boosted
  • Achieving brand presence and brand reputation is facilitated
  • Relevant information and insight can be provided to consumers
  • Integration of ERP or CRM solutions is possible
  • Apps enable start-ups and SMEs to withstand amid large corporate companies


It is well-known that 90% of consumers’ time on their mobile devices is being spent on mobile apps. Apps can help enterprises to improve their brand visibility, increase engagement, optimize their sales processes, and offer unrivalled customer support.

The chances of B2C business serving customers better are greatly increased with efficient B2C mobile app development regardless of the industry entrepreneurs are involved in.


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