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6 Benefits of Full SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Before you can start working on your SEO, it’s fairly important that you determine where your online presence stands at the moment. This will help you develop a realistic picture of your current state, give you an idea of how to create rich attainable goals, as well as help you map the path on which you want to progress. In order to set out on this path, however, you need to perform an SEO audit.

While the above-listed may seem like reason enough for you to want to do so, there are various other reasons why this would be the right move for any enterprise or online entity. Here are the six biggest benefits of a full SEO audit.

#1 Improving organic visibility

There’s a huge difference in perception of your business between those who find you on their own and those who you directly reach out to. People are quite suspicious when they receive an email or a message from an unknown source, which means that their defense mechanisms are active. However, if they believe that your site has popped up on its own or that they’ve found it on their own, without any assistance from your SEO efforts (which the vast majority of people naively believe), they might just look at you differently.

#2 Better conversion rates

Conversion rates differ from industry to industry, which is why you need to start by examining industry averages and seeing where you are at the moment. First of all, this is something that can help people overcome unrealistic expectations. A lot of people set their mind towards the online average, which might be completely unrealistic for their industry. Setting your expectations too low can be just as dangerous. After you perform an SEO audit, you’ll see where you’ll stand, as well as where you should be (provided that your business is below average).

#3 More qualified leads

Not every person online is a qualified lead. You see, there are some people who will never become paying customers, which is completely fine, seeing as how they have another way of being useful. First of all, they increase the traffic to your website, which directly benefits your rank. This way, they’re also giving you no small amount of legitimacy. Still, your primary target is those who are close to becoming clients – the qualified leads or the low-hanging fruit (as they are sometimes referred to). This is relevant regardless of the industry, and even some SEO agencies and freelance specialists put a lot of emphasis on increasing their SEO lead generation.

#4 Discovering new revenue sources

A lot of people see keyword competition as a bad thing, yet, this is not necessarily so. You see, people within the same industry are often potential affiliates and associates, which is an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss out on. Even those who provide the exact same service as you can sometimes outsource excess workload your way and, in this way, directly contribute to the success of your business.

#5 Keeping an eye on traffic trends

Your SEO efforts are a part of your organization as a whole, which is why you can’t observe them in a vacuum. By keeping a close eye on your SEO, you’ll also keep track of various industry-related trends. The way in which people browse the internet or interact with search engines changes by the minute. For instance, the way in which people use voice search is completely different from the way in which they interact with the regular search. This is why you might want to consider voice search SEO, as well as traditional SEO.

#6 Identifying problems

An undiscovered problem isn’t just something that will lose you some audience and make you drop in rank; it also sends a bad picture of your business. By discovering it and eliminating it in time, you are resolving a problem that could turn out to be huge later on. Keep in mind that not all problems are made the same, some impact you negatively over the course of time, while the damage that comes from some of these issues grows exponentially. This makes timely discovery and diagnostics into an even greater priority on your list. Once again, this is something you can get through professionally made SEO.


The very last thing you need to have in mind is the fact that an SEO audit isn’t something that you should do just once and then forget about. It’s also not something that you should do only when you have a problem. This is a necessary means for the overall health of your online presence.


Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz


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